Custom Hand Beaded Fabrics

About Us

The story of Moda Artisans all began with a partnership; a marriage between two artists that has now evolved into a family business that found a niche in the fashion Industry.
Shaun and Shabnam, the creative cores of Moda Artisans, have blended their technical, creative, and business expertise into a hand embroidery and beading business that combines fresh inspiration with traditional artisan techniques to create an exclusive collection of custom designs. 
Beginning from humble origins in Mumbai, India, what was once only a dream shared between two hard working first generation designers, Moda Artisans has since developed into an internationally recognized enterprise that has made its mark in the international fashion community. Effortlessly Gliding between their two worlds with Showroom and Design Studio based in New York and their artisans and production in Mumbai  they are passionate with every creation they make .Their undivided attention, experience and expertise is poured into every piece .This is their  life and they love it.
With over 20 years of designing and producing  high quality, exclusive designs, their work has found a home in the haute couture runways, exclusive magazine covers, and prestigious archives of the fashion industry.
 For Shaun and Shabnam, their work is centered around a long standing belief that inspiration can always be drawn from the world around us; from the grandest highs of life to the smallest day to day moments; a philosophy that is immediately apparent in their intricate and unique embroideries.
With Moda Artisans; you are selecting more than a design, you are investing in the knowledge and pride that each pattern has been artfully tailored, each bead has been expertly hand-stitched,a product of the creativity and love of the craft shared between a team of skilled and experienced artisans.
But most of all, Moda Artisans is about you. Our designs are here to inspire your next great work as as we collaborate together in design and developing .Our work is a reflection of your aspirations, and we will deliver on that vision with the specificity, work ethic and creativity of a true artisan.
The dream is yours. We are the artists who bring it to life.